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ZIMA was founded in 2016 by Brennan Zielinski & Ben Matteucci, two marketers with a passion for helping local business owners. After creating over 350 profitable marketing campaigns, Ben & Brennan "fell" into creating what became the ultimate online strategy for dentists.

In just 3 steps, we're able to take random Facebook, Instagram & Google visitors from not having a clue who you are, to booking in appointment with you! Now we want to share our discovery to help Dentists take Full Control of their business.

We’re passionate about helping our clients see better marketing results with less stress and confusion. We firmly believe their success is our success. 


“ZIMA Marketing is the real deal. Most so-called “marketing experts” talk a big game, but don’t get the results to back it up. If you’re looking to grow your business and you want to strategically align yourself with an outsourced marketing group, you want the guys from ZIMA on your team. They are phenomenal to work with – professional, responsive and they deliver results!”

– Jeff V.

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